Opening Bid:   One No Trump

Players who use a forcing club system frequently use a different point-count range for the opening bid of 1NT, with a range of 14-16 being the most popular, but 13-15 is also often used.  If you are comfortable with the 15-17 range and want to continue with that agreement you will be with the majority of players.  If you choose to try the 14-16 range it will be easiest if you simply use all of the same agreements that you use for 15-17, but be sure to make the small adjustments you need to allow for a 14 point hand.  You will find you are opening 1NT more often, too, and most of them will be with 14 points.

13-15 HCP
Some players who adopt this range continue to use Stayman and Jacoby Transfer bids, but others have decided to make some changes...  They will not open 1NT with 13-15 points if they have a 4-card major.  Partner alerts the opening bid and says, "No four card major."  That eliminates the need for Stayman.  If responder has a 5-card major he either bids it at the 2-level which is non-forcing or he jumps to the 3-level with a game-going hand.

10-12 HCP
This range is often called the "Suicide No Trump" for obvious reasons.  It's exciting and leads to tops and bottoms and almost never an average result.  If you want to use this, give up Stayman and Jacoby Transfers.  You will play a lot of doubled contracts, too.  Once you open this bid, responder is the captain and makes all subsequent decisions.

8-10 HCP
Now that's just silly and not worth a discussion, but you will see it at the table on rare occasions.  Probably with two ernest young men still talking about the disasters they just had at the previous three tables.  Don't play it, and if you get opponents who do, dig out the red card.