Opening Bid:   Three Clubs or Three Diamonds

Do you play the Gambling 3NT bid?  Many players do, but it's always played from the wrong side of the table!  You open 3NT promising a long and solid minor and nothing on the outside.  Often your partner will hold a hand similar to this one, and the lead will go through his hand if he passes.  Suppose it's a spade?  Wouldn't it be better for your partner to be declarer?
   K 2
   A Q T 7 5
   A Q 5 2
   5 2

Solid Minor
This bidding system promises a solid running suit with an opening bid of 3 or 3, giving partner the option of passing or bidding 3NT.  That's it.  Simple.  And the hand gets played from the correct side of the table, taking the gamble out of the auction.  The Gambling 3NT is usually a top or bottom, but seldom an average.